Next up...

Now that the Amelia Boland website and online store have been launched, work on the next range has begun.


Amelia Boland Canvas Collection features locally screen printed heavy duty cotton canvas, with the gorgeous Lion Heart print, by kiwi artist (and long time friend) Hannah Starnes. The canvas is teamed with signature Oily Boot Tan leather, natural cotton webbing and nickel hardware to create a very special collaboration.


coming to soon...





Well, here it is. 


What an exciting day! Amelia Boland Bags have been doing so well that it seemed high time a web store was launched.



A great big thanks to everyone who has supported the work of Amelia Boland so far.


Thanks especially to my wonderful housemates Mel, Andy, Vic, Sal, Amy and Hannah, for not minding bits of leather showing up all through the house, photo shoots taking over the lounge and my constant talk of bags. Huge thanks as well to Francie, my amazing photographer, whom I plan...